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Get To Know Bethel

A deeper look into Bethel Church

During this interim season we have embarked on a process of reviewing a number of aspects of the church through a Transition Team.  One of those areas was in reviewing our mission, vision, and value statements. They are still being worked on, but currently this is the language:


Bethel exists to glorify God by connecting people with Him, loving each other, and serving the world.

Vision: Bethel will be:  

• a church where lives are being transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

• a relationally connected church made up of redeemed people who love, follow, and enjoy God.  

• a church where we allow space for struggle, questions, failure, forgiveness and healing.  

• a church where people are both being discipled and are discipling others.  

• a church God uses to love and serve the North Platte area and beyond.  

Values:  We base our values on the Biblical Authority of God’s Word. We strive to trust it, obey it, follow it, and so expect God’s truth to be reflected in our lives and ministries, particularly in our preaching and teaching. Our theological beliefs are spelled out in detail in our “Statement of Faith”  

Relational Connection:  As believers in Christ, we want to be a church where people feel loved and connected.   

Joyful Worship:  We worship God in all His majesty, holiness, and love. We believe we should worship and glorify God with our lives.    

Prayer:  We believe prayer is essential communication with Our Creator. Prayer involves confession, thanksgiving, praise, mediation, petition, and communion. In prayer we are acknowledging our total dependence on God.   

Evangelism/Missions: We value sharing the gospel with our neighbors and friends, here and around the world.  

Serving North Platte and Beyond:  An important part of evangelism is meeting the needs of our community.   

Discipleship: We believe spiritual maturity is a continual process.  We want to enable and encourage spiritual growth for all age groups.  

Equipping for Ministry:  We want each person at Bethel to be equipped to use their unique spiritual gifts and abilities in ministry.    

Stewardship:  We believe everything we have is a gift from God and it is our responsibility to use our gifts for building up His Kingdom for His glory.  

Biblically Qualified Leadership: The Bible is specific regarding the qualifications for Elders and Deacons. We will seek potential leaders whose lives conform to those Biblical qualifications and work to prepare them for possible future leadership at Bethel.  

Excellence: We strive to demonstrate excellence in our preaching, serving, mission, and teaching to the glory of God.