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North Platte- Our Mission Field

The North Platte area has a rich history that we enjoy building, sharing the gospel with our towns

North Platte, NE is a town of approximately 24,000 in west central Nebraska located on Interstate 80 halfway between Omaha, NE and Denver, CO.  North Platte is in an area that is primarily agricultural, with a strong railroad presence also with Union Pacific Railroad. There is a rich history in North Platte as the former home of Buffalo Bill Cody, whose ranch is still here, and the North Platte Canteen that served over 6 million soldiers coming through town during WWII.

North Platte has a public school system that is K-12, as well as two parochial school systems, one that is K-8 and the other that is K-12.  Mid Plains Community College is a two-year community college and vocational school that has a strong connection with the public school system and offers a lot of dual credit college classes for high school students.

Great Plains Health is a medical center that employs over 1,000 people and offers a wide variety of services, includes a well-respected cancer center, and a number of specialty clinics.  GPH serves a large area in west central Nebraska, northern Kansas, and eastern Colorado. It is a significant factor in the quality of health and life offered in our part of the state.

There are numerous outdoor activities available in the area, ranging from biking/ hiking trails, to lakes, parks, hunting and fishing opportunities, as well a variety of different types of terrain nearby that provide habitat to a number of species of animals.  The quality of life quotient is high in this part of the state due to the outdoor activities and relative safety of the area.