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Responsibility and Skill Set

The expectations of a lead pastor at Bethel

Major responsibilities:

1. Preaching on a weekly basis (or coordinating who will preach) and working with the Worship Arts Team and Tech Team to coordinate Sunday services.

2. Leadership development training of Elders and Ministry Team leaders

3. Supervise the staff (currently Assoc. Pastor of Youth, Director of Children's                                        Ministries, Director of Production and Technology, Office Manager as full-time; Director of Worship Arts, Bookkeeper, two additional office staff, and Custodial staff as part-time).

4. Help implement and oversee Discipleship Making process

5. In collaboration with the Council of Elders, continually evaluate the mission, vision, and values of the church and make recommendations for modifications.

6. Coordinate the evaluation, expansion, and improvement of the adult small group ministries.

7. Serve as one member of the Council of Elders in governing the church.

Skills and strengths:

1. Strong biblical theology

2. Ability to teach and train others

3. Strong preaching and oral speaking skills

4. Ability to work collaboratively with others as a team

5. Ability to train other believers in evangelism

6. Ability to hire, supervise, lead, and work collaboratively with staff.

7. Strong written communication skills

8. Ability to empower church members to find and implement their spiritual gifts

9.  Counseling as needed

10. Administrative skills in overseeing the church stewardship and budget

11. Ability to teach biblical reconciliation and work to unify the body when necessary.

12. Experience in implementing a disciple making process helpful

13. Provide overall leadership for Ministry Teams

14. Administer the ordinances

15. Be licensed and ordained by the EFCA or willing to do so in a timely manner