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Covid-19 Stories

During the season as we respond to Covid-19, God is at work in many ways through us, His body!

  • I have been reaching out to my neighbor for years, and now (because of Covid-19) she asked us to pray for her!

  • Jill Walters reported that 12 households participated in a Sunday school class via Zoom!

  • Sunday, March 22nd - Over 110 households joined together for worship!

  • In the last week, God's given me the opportunity to share the gospel with my neighbor who is 83. We were talking about the COVID virus and he brought up the subject of death. He listened as I explained salvation. He didn't make a decision, but I'm confident God will keep working on his heart! Please pray for him! I was also able to share with two coworkers this week when we were talking about the chaos of the times. Thank you Jesus!

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